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Hiya, my name is CalaMariGold (or just Mari) and I'm a trans woman with passions in
game development, content creation, music production, and web development.

I'm currently a full-time Engineer at Reggio Digital.
I'm also an intermediate drummer practicing daily to one day be professional.

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Front-End Development

Whether it's games, websites, software, and more, front-end development is where I excel most. The design aspect of front-end dev lets me show my creativity and skills in a fun way. I do have knowledge on back-end development and one day would like to be well-versed enough to be considered a fullstack developer.


Over the years, I learned the importance of maintaining a consistent, aesthetically pleasing, and relevant brand, whether it be for personal use, independent content creation, or business. Color theory, logo design, font design, characters/mascots, and more are all aspects of branding that I’ve worked with for many different projects over the years.

Game Design

Since highschool, I realized my love for game design, especially systems design. I love to utilize statistics, analytics, player feedback, and overall game feel to improve upon balance, create new QoL mechanics, new content, and more that will result in an enjoyable experience for players.

I'm an avid supporter of many game design focused YouTube channels, such as Game Maker's Toolkit, Adam Millard - The Architect of Games, Whitelight, Like Stories of Old, and more. I'm inspired by their unique yet sensical approach to game design.

Film Production

One day, I'd love to edit and produce a live-action original film or trailer on YouTube! Below are examples of my previous work in film production.




Working in both the indie game industry and web development industry, I have experience in digital marketing as well as e-commerce.

In the past I've utilized social media such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook to promote an agency's products, as well as promote games. I still have a lot to learn, so I hope to gain more experience in marketing in the near future.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being a web developer for many years, I learned that SEO is one of the most important aspects of web dev. I've utilized many different WordPress SEO plugins in the past like Yoast SEO and SmartCrawl to a successful degree. I understand the importance and usability of page readability, length, keywords, search page titles and descriptions, and more.

Community Management

Community management is one of my biggest passions. It's something I'm improving on every day and have been doing for much of my life. In highschool I created a Minecraft server that had a small but tight-knit community and staff, even managing to raise money through donations to pay for server costs. That's my earliest memory of online community management and it was my first step in realizing how much I love to do it.

From college until now, I've created many Discord communities and watched them thrive with hundreds of members, as well as fall. I've made my fair share of mistakes throughout the process of it all, a lot of which required me to grow as a person and make hard but necessary decisions.

My biggest achievement has been the Rebirth of the Night community, which under my ownership grew from a couple hundred Discord members to becoming partnered with over 13,000 members. Ultimately, I was still in the learning process and my actions and behavior caused me to step down, which was a very hard decision. I believed I learned a valuable lesson in maintaining transparency with your community and how to better work with your team.

Now, I manage my own community of people for my streaming/content creation life, most of which is in my Discord called Shinycord. I'm so, so incredibly proud of that community and I made some of my best friends through it. I wouldn't trade Shinycord for the world.



All my experience of C# comes from game development in Unity. C# is by far my favorite programming language due to its comfortable syntax for me and readability, however I'm also comfortable with many other languages.


WordPress is my go-to CMS for web development. It's what I use for all the websites I've worked on over the past decade. I'm very familiar with most features available in WordPress as well as many different plugins, such as most visual builders. Its UI and general design is intuitive and easy for me to utilize to its fullest extent.


I learned both HTML and CSS back in highschool and still utilize it frequently. Now with many visual builders gaining popularity in WordPress, there is less and less need for any hardcoding HTML or CSS, but I still consider these two neccessary skills to continue improving on.


I learned how to use JSON for one of my projects, Rebirth of the Night, which required a lot of JSON editing for new content and other tweaks. I'm very familiar with the syntax and JSON's overall usecase.


ZenScript was the main scripting language of working on Rebirth of the Night, as well as my other Minecraft modpacks. I'm very familiar with it at this point, especially since much of its syntax is similar to Java and C#.


Java was the first ever programming language I learned in highschool. It had a steep learning curve for me, but I quickly got the hang of it within a year. I took 3 courses in highschool for Java, including AP Java. Since then, I haven't found a use for Java in awhile, aside from some Minecraft mod tinkering. I'm still very familiar with Java overall and can code comfortably with it.


I learned C++ in my senior year of highschool and immediately became comfortable with it after learning Java. I haven't used C or C++ in awhile, but I'm confident I can jump back into it when needed.


For most of my time spent doing software development, I've been using Git. I'm very familiar with the process and how it's used. These days I use GitHub for nearly all my projects.



After trying out engines like CryEngine and Unreal Engine in the past, Unity quickly became my favorite and go-to engine for game development. I played with Unity all the way back in early highschool and since then I became very familiar with its environment and workflow, creating both 2D and 3D games. Unity's object/component system is extremely intuitive to me and makes the workflow process a lot of fun. I used Unity all throughout college and still actively use it for solo indie games I'm creating.

I hope to continue to learn every aspect of Unity development and work with a team in the future.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is my favorite digital audio workstation to make music with. It's what I currently use for all my recent tracks, including my single Top of the World". I enjoy the workflow and UI design, as well as its track component system that is similar to Unity's component system. I've been using Ableton Live for the past 3 years now.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is my go-to video editing software. I used it to produce and edit all my video game trailers, with some help from Adobe After Effects. I've been using Premiere for a little over 2 years and enjoy the video editing process very much. I'm familiar with the color correction process, transitions (B Roll, A Roll, etc), masking, effects, and more.

I hope to obtain more video editing experience in the future by editing live-action films, trailers, and more video game content.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a new skill to me that I'm still learning. It has a higher learning curve to me than Adobe Premiere, but I still enjoy the learning process nonetheless. I utilized AE to create the "Anti-Cupid" lyric video on my YouTube. I hope to gain more experience in the future!


I've used Paint.Net for many years for all my graphic design and image editing work. I find it a lot easier to get into than a program like Photoshop, but I also don't have the means to purchase Photoshop due to it being a bit expensive for me. One day I'd love to switch over to Photoshop where I suspect many skills to transfer over.


ProTools was the first digital audio workstation I've worked with back in college and is what I used to mix and master my first metal track "Anti-Cupid". It was a ton of fun to learn and I definitely enjoyed the process, however I much prefer Ableton Live these days. Still, if I needed to produce a song in ProTools, I'd know what I'm doing.


Reason is a digital audio workstation I utilized for a course in college. I produced my unpublished track Unkept Memories" on Reason. I enjoyed making the track but would prefer to stick to other DAWs like Ableton Live.



I've been playing piano for nearly my entire life. It was the first instrument I learned and I still practice to this day. In middleschool and highschool, I was known to be "the piano kid" from playing at many talent shows. Today, I love to incorporate my piano playing into my EDM and electronic songs.


I've been playing drums on and off since middle school. Lately, I've been practicing consistently for more than a year now and it's become my favorite instrument to play. I still have a lot to improve upon, but I'm making progress every day!

Electric Guitar

You'll hear a lot of my electric guitar playing in all my metal and rock songs, such as in my single "Anti-Cupid". I love to play metal and djent ever since highschool and hope to continue improving.

Acoustic Guitar

I've been playing acoustic since highschool and I learned how to play both finger style and with a pick, usually preferring to play with a pick. You can hear my acoustic playing in my new single "February Rain".


I've been experimenting with synthesizers for the past couple years now and I've had a lot of fun doing so. I understand the basics when it comes to it but definitely hope to continue improving. You can hear some synths I created for the lead and rhythm melodies in my track "Top of the World".

Live Audio Production

During my later years of college, I switched from computer science to music production courses. One of the courses was live audio production, which managed to get me an internship doing stage setup and sound check for the popular band Emarosa! I operated a Behringer X32. It was an amazing experience and would love to do it again one day.

Projects and Experience

A few of my favorite passion projects, work experiences, and side projects.

Rebirth of the Night text logo


Rebirth of the Night is a Minecraft modpack on CurseForge that I created and led a hobby development team on for nearly 2 years. Under my ownership, RotN has gained more than 600,000 downloads and the Discord server grew from a couple hundred members to over 13,000 members and becoming partnered with Discord.

I was responsible for all aspects of development (excluding art), community management, branding, marketing, and releasing.

Creating RotN is easily the most influential thing I've ever done. It was a great learning experience to be apart of something bigger than myself. I was astounded with how many people were deeply affected by a modpack, how many close friendships were made because of the community, and how many people, especially trans people, it inspired. I had massive ambitions for RotN, including changing the entire modded Minecraft community for the better by setting the bar for modpack quality and commissioning mods the community needed. In the end, I made mistakes that resulted me with stepping down from the team, which was a hard be necessary decision at the time. I still love RotN and its community. It changed my life and after more than a year of self-reflection, I believe I've truly changed and learned from my mistakes to better my future projects.


I mostly utilized ZenScript (a scripting language with similarities to Java) and JSON. ZenScript, paired with a mod named CraftTweaker (as well as its many addons), allowed us to create new content in Minecraft in the form of new items, crafting recipes, and more.

Much of our design philosophy for RotN was to make it feel like its own game entirely. I wanted the player to know they were getting into something amazing the moment they opened the game. The goal was to create something consistent, fun, balanced, high-quality, and perhaps most of all, unique. I believe that with the very talented development team, we accomplished our goal.

Community Management

During my time as owner, I focused heavily on the community. I wanted to make sure everyone felt safe within the community, especially LGBTQIA+ folks. I made sure to go above and beyond to protect groups of people who are more likely to be targeted by harassment. I highly valued content creators, especially streamers in which I would visit every person streaming RotN on Twitch and would introduce myself and ask if they had any questions or feedback. I learned a lot about how to treat others, how to listen to your community, and how to respect those you work with.

Branding and Marketing

Below you will see two trailers for RotN that I edited, recorded, and produced.
I mainly did these for fun because I think trailers are really cool, but in terms of branding and marketing, they really help build up hype and show the level of passion, care, and quality we put into the modpack.

Trepidation text logo


TREPIDATION is my newest Minecraft modpack on CurseForge. It's still quite small and very much in development, but I believe is truly unique and has massive potential. Others have said the same, but the main thing currently holding it back is its early state in development. Despite it still being small, I'm genuinely proud of myself for this project. I'm proud of myself for the branding and for making something different.


Much of the development section in RotN is the same here, as both modpacks use mostly the same mods to change the experience, as well as many new mods.

Community Management

Right now, the community is very small and mostly inactive, however, I'm always there when someone asks a question and believe I'm much more prepared now for a larger community than I was with RotN.

Branding and Marketing

Branding was one of my main focuses for TREPIDATION. I find it a lot of fun to keep things polished and consistent. This modpack is a lot more focused on horror, as you'll see in the trailer I created entirely by myself. I value even the most simple and smallest things when it comes to consistency and branding, such as a unique main menu, in-game UI, and even the game font.

Reggio Digital logo


Reggio Digital is a web development and WordPress hosting agency. Reggio primarily focuses on configuring and managing the technical side of a client's website. That includes taking care of site fixes, tweaks, updates, security, migrations, and more with unlimited customer support.

I began working as contractor focused on web development back in 2018. I was responsible for fixing, tweaking, and creating pages for a client's website using WordPress. Now, I work as a full-time employee doing the above, but also helping with support and other projects within the agency.


Katamario (temporary name) is an arcade indie game I'm currently solo developing in Unity. It's gameplay is a combination between Katamari Damacy and Agario where you control a ball picking up objects and other players on a multiplayer server to become the largest ball.

This project is open-source.


Baa is a 24/7 Discord bot I created that is hosted on a cloud Linux server. The bot is an instance of Red, an open source Discord bot created by Twentysix and improved by many.

I created Baa as a passionate project. I practically live on Discord and always wanted a single bot to do just about everything I need. Baa focuses on fun games and tools for server members, as well as a very robust and extensive security system for communities. As I am a likely target for harassment, hate raids, and worse, I wanted content creators and other communities who are likely for attacks to feel completely safe with Baa protecting their server and its members. I've created custom scripts for others to use within Baa that secure their server with auto-moderation. I also enjoy giving Baa life and a personality for members to feel more connected and safe.

Baa is available to join your server for a monthly cost of $3/month to my Patreon. Baa was never meant to be a public bot due to server costs and the many restrictions public bots have, but I wanted other communities to take advantage of Baa's security system and many features. There is a 100 server limit for Baa that will likely never change.

Baa's documentation for usage in your own server can be found here.

Baa's Bio

Hello human! I am a grove sprite (tree spirit) created by CalaMariGold. Type !help to see all my commands! I am here to protect communities from harmful entities while also promoting fun!

Check back soon!


Iperdesign is a digital branding, marketing and design agency. I worked as an intern during college as a front-end web developer and game developer. I enjoyed my time here a lot as I genuinely liked the work culture and freedom to express my suggestions and opinions.


I mainly worked on their platformer game Iperbot created in Unity, while also sometimes worked on helping with front-end web development for a few clients. I pretty much had a lot of free range to implement whatever I wanted with Iperbot, so long as it fit what the game was. I added new levels and reworked old ones, fixed tons of bugs, added new mechanics, and implemented an online leaderboard. I'm really proud of the work I did on this game and it was a really fun and great learning experience overall.


Throughout highschool, I created dozens of games and experiments using Java and C++, as well as Unity, and other engines. 
Here's a list of just a few of the games I created:

  • Terraria clone (fan recreation for educational purposes)
  • Unfair Mario (fan recreation)
  • Poker
  • Flying side-scroller
  • Plants vs Zombies (fan recreation)
  • Maze game w/ custom level editor


During college, I created fewer, but larger games. One of which was a 2D turn-based strategy similar to Worms or Tanks (the old flash game). I worked with a team on this one as the project lead. In the end, the game included online and local multiplayer, unique abilities, complex algorithms for projectile trajectory and manipulation, custom UI and art, and more.

Another game I worked on heavily was IperBot, which you can read more about in the Iperdesign section.

Content Creator

Wholesomely suggestive chaotic good vibes.


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I also post on YouTube! I'm currently using YouTube as a way to explore different facets of content creation and seeing what I like best. Generally, I'm just experimenting with how I want to proceed with YouTube videos in the future.

I occasionally stream on both YouTube and Twitch, which are heavily community focused. A lot of my streams are conversations with chat, where we talk about a wide variety of topics including random chit-chat, mental health issues, LGBTQIA+ topics, and more. When we're not talking about heavier topics, we like to have a fun, chaotic, wholesomely lewd vibe, with sound effects commands, channel point stream interactions, and much more. Sometimes I play Minecraft in the background, community games, special events, survival games, full playthroughs, and much more. So, if you're new to my streams and haven't said hi yet, don't be shy! <3

I also post on YouTube! I'm currently using YouTube as a way to explore different facets of content creation and seeing what I like best. Generally, I'm just experimenting with how I want to proceed with YouTube videos in the future.

Game Developer

Growing up with a deep interest in game development.

Early Life

My first steps as a game developer

Since middle school, I've been experimenting with game engines, programming, researching game design, and making fully playable games.

In high school, I dreamed of working for big companies like Bethesda Game Studios or Epic Games. I took every possible programming class and even passed an AP programming class. On my free time, I made simple FPS games in CryEngine, Unreal Engine, and Unity. I was an early adopter of VR and bought an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, which I played around with in Unreal Engine.


What I learned as a college student

I went to a university for a bachelors degree in computer science with a concentration in game development. Throughout those years, I made platformers and turn-based 2D games in Unity for internships and course projects, usually taking the leadership role for any group projects. I learned a lot about game design and what it's like to work with a team. I didn't end up graduating as I quickly discovered that I much prefer to learn on my own by getting real world experience instead of a structured school experience.

Present Day

Where to now?

"Where to now?"
Well, I don't actually know! Where will these skills I've learned over the years take me? How will my interest for all things computer science and design guide me in the future? All I can hope is that it puts me in a place that makes me proud of myself and happy.

For now, game development might be put on the backburner, but I still hope to release an indie game one day 🙂

Music Producer / Musician

Kawaii EDM  -  Metalcore  -  Punk  -  Chill beats


Music has always been apart of who I am. It's why I'm alive and why I keep living.
I've been playing piano, drums, and guitar for most of my life and hope to become a professional drummer. I play, record, and produce all my own music from EDM, metal, pop, acoustic, and more. Follow me on your favorite streaming service to get notified on my next release!

Check out all my releases here!
Available on any music streaming platform!

Web Developer

Experienced front-end web developer using WordPress.

I've been making websites and experimenting with WordPress for 6+ years now, including working for multiple web design agencies during college and obtaining plenty of real-world experience.

Currently I work full-time at Reggio Digital as an Engineer and Web Developer. I began working as contractor for Reggio focused on web development back in 2018. I was responsible for fixing, tweaking, and creating and designing full websites for clients using WordPress. Now, I'm doing the same thing full-time, but also helping with customer support and other projects within the agency.

My Website Portfolio



I made this site in about a week as a way to not only showcase what I can do, but also because it's fun! I also work on updating this site every now and then.

What To Eat In

What To Eat In

A site I created under Reggio Digital. I was in charge of development of a redesign of the entire site. I also continuously maintain and update this site by publishing new blog posts and managing the newsletter.



A website I created for Reggio Digital client. I was in charge of development for a redesign of the entire site.

Rebirth of the Night

Rebirth of the Night

This was a site I made in a couple days for one of my projects, showcasing a Minecraft modpack I helped develop. 



A website I created for Reggio Digital client. I was in charge of development for a redesign of the entire site.

The Globetrotting Teacher

The Globetrotting Teacher

I helped with overall development of a redesign of the entire site under Reggio Digital.

Traveler Broads

Traveler Broads

I helped with overall development of a redesign of the entire site under Reggio Digital.

Canadian Society of Breast Imaging

Site currently not live, check back later!


For all inquires, contact me at [email protected]

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